Do the Unexpected

GoFundMeBy some miracle, I have an unconditional offer of acceptance to the University of Dundee, which is near the central-east coast of Scotland! The problem is, with the cost of tuition, wheelchair-accessible living [on or off campus], caregiving, disability accommodation, transportation, and daily necessities, accepting the offer of a Part-Time Writing Practice and Study MLitt will only happen  in my unconscious.    Please help make this dream come true!

My name is Marlise, and I am first-and-foremost a creative writer; then a loving sister, daughter, and friend; then a liberal, active US citizen; then a television-and-film enthusiast; and then a human being irreversibly changed by the recessive genetic disease, Friedreich’s Ataxia.

Summer 2011, I graduated from highschool and finally agreed to make the switch from a manual wheelchair to a motorized wheelchair. In fall 2011, I began my undergraduate journey at Western Washington University. When I moved into the dorms, I had never felt more normal. Five years later (because I learned outside of the necessities for a while, and because math was one of the requirements), I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in creative writing and a minor in film studies.

Hopefully in fall 2018, I will begin my graduate journey at The University of Dundee, where I would be in their creative writing program. I plan to further tune my writing to introduce more disability-representation to every genre of creative writing. At the moment, in fact, I am solitarily writing a television show featuring a main character with a physical disability, as well as several other members of minorities. Another current project of mine is a fantasy novel.

For tuition, wheelchair-accessible housing and living, I am asking for your help. For an opportunity seldom available or pursued by severely disabled people, I require assistance. I would be extraordinarily grateful, on top of everything else that I am unspeakably grateful for, if you, reader, donate to my future endeavor of graduate school!

PROGRAM: Writing Practice and Study MLitt Part-time

A.     Tuition: for both years = GBP16450 ($21,412.13)
B.     Room and board and incidentals (on campus): GBP8000 ($11,200)/year ($11,200)
C.     Cost of caregivers 7 hours a day at ~GBP15/hr: ~GBP750/wk.  (NHS calculator for Glasgow estimates £37,000 ($51,595)/ year. This assumes hiring is possible with gaps in time)
D.     Cost of accommodations (notetakers, scribes, testing, etc.): ~GBP25/hr, ~GBP150/wk, estimated at GBP6750 ($9414)/yr
E.     Travel to Dundee (to and from):
a.     August 2018 with accompanying person $1600 RT each for flight to Edinburgh via NYC = $3200
b.     One visit home during school year (optional): $3200

Total (Without return expenses and medical expenses): $90,509
Revenue in UK:
A.     SSI                          0
B.     DSHS/Medicaid    0
C.     GET funds             $5,000?
D.     GoFundMe            ?
E.     Scholarships         ?                                  
(Probably 0, though: UK/EU scholarships (I have EU citizenship) or those with disabilities are almost all limited to those EU citizens who have had an EU address for the past three years, and the vast majority of US scholarships are only for US schools.)
F.     Other                     ? 


I have a GoFundMe (, or you can contact me about donating independently. :)))

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