NEWSFLASH: I know one thing that I want

I’m sure this will be a controversial desire [mostly to friends and family that know my limitations and implications behind this desire,] but that does not and most likely will not change any any thing. And this is not a new want (well, mostly), and I no doubt it won’t be taken seriously by everyone, and maybe it shouldn’t be,but if you know me, then you know that doubts don’t deter me unless they’re mine).

And to my parents (all 4 of you): I have indeed thought about the repercussions of this choice, and, you know, sometimes you’ve just gotta do things. (See previous post).m

Okay okay I’ll tell you now. I want to apply for some program (probably a not grad school again) mainly in Scotland and Manhattan again. All of the incredible donations I received last year will go towards this venture.

More tu come.


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